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Some Recent Articles Abstracts

1-Synthesis and photophysics in organic solvents of Meso substituted of penta methane and related metal complexes, cyanine dyes R.M Abed El-Aal, AIM Koraiem, Dyes, Pigments 54, 121(2002).


The reaction of a ratio of 1 mol of diacetyl chloromethane with the heterocyclic nitrogen base afforded N-substituted hehetero cyclidinium ylide halide 1a–1f. Reaction of a ratio of 1 mol of 1a–1f with 2 and 3 mol of 2(4)-ethylheterocyclic quaternary salts in basic catalyst afforded meso-substituted pentamethine 2a–2f and monomethine meso-substituted pentamethine 3a-3c cyanine dyes respectively. Reaction of equimolar ratios of 6a–6e with equi-(bi)- molar ratios of 2(4)-methylheterocyclic quaternary salts in basic medium afforded asymmetrical (symmetrical) meso-substituted mono-(bis) monomethine metal complex cyanine dyes 7 and 8a–8e. Elemental analyses, IR and 1H NMR spectral data confirmed the structures of newly synthesized compounds. The electronic absorption spectra of these dyes in ethanol and photophysics in different organic solvents are discussed.#2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

Keywords: N-substituted heterocyclidinium ylide; Sensitizing; Meso-substituted; Metal complex

     2-Synthesis of new fused heterocyclic compounds of benzpyrid-4-one derivatives & their biological activity, H.A.Soleiman, A.I.M. Koraiem & N.Y.Mahmoud.    Journal Chin.Chem.Soc.51, 553-560 (2004).



     A series of fused pyrazolino-, pyrimidino-, pyrimidinothion-, thiazolidinone and β-lacam incorporating benzpyrid-4-one derivatives have been synthesized by different methods of chemical reaction. The prepared compounds were established by universals and modern methods of physical and chemical confirmation.

  Keywords: Synthesis of benzpyrid-4-one.



3-Pyrazoloquinone heterocyclic compounds metal complexes derivatives in the synthesis of cyanine dyes, R.M Abd El-Aal, AIM. Koraiem, N.M.S El-Deen, Dyes, Pigments 63, 301(2004).


This work describes the synthesis of new pyrazolo quinone heterocyclic derivatives, their metal complexes and relative cyanine dyes. Electronic absorption spectra in ethanol, water and different pH aqueous solutions are reported and commented. The synthesized new cyanine dyes and relative intermediates were identified and structurally characterized by elemental analysis, IR, 1H-NMR spectroscopies and mass spectrometry. The synthetic approach allowed to tune the physical properties of dyes and provided chromophores useful for analytical chemistry.

.Keywords: Synthesis; Pyrazole; Quinone; Metal complex; Absorption spectra; Alochromic behaviour; Acidebase properties


4-Synthesis of 3-substituted benzpyrid-4-imino-2-oxime derivatives H.A.Soleiman., A.I.M. Koraiem & N.Y.Mahmoud.  Journal Chin.Chem .Soc.52,119-124 (2005).



     Pyrazolone, Isoxazolone, pyrimidine, pyrimidinethione thiazolidinone  and  β-lactam incorporating2-oximino benzpyrid-4-one derivatives have been synthesized by cyclocondensation addition reaction and cycloaddition of hydrazine hydrate, phenyl hydrazine, hydroxyleamine,urea,thiourea,mercapto acetic acid. and chloro acetyl chloride, respectively.

  Keywords: Substituted heterocyclic Compounds; Synthesis



5-Kinetic & mechanism of the base ring closure (hydrolysis) of cyclic(acyclic) ketomethylene heterocyclic Schiff bases quaternary iodide salts . A.I.M. Koraiem, M.T.El-Haty ,A.M.Shaker & T.M.H.Mossaed . Asw.Sci.Technol.Bull. Accepted.Dec.14 (2005).





Base ring closer reaction of cyclic ketomethylene heterocyclic Schiff bases quaternary iodide salts is quantitative, producing 3-methyl-1-phenyl-substituted pyrrolo[5,4-d]pyrazole and N[4-OH phenyl]pyrazolo[4,5-d]oxazole merocyanine (3b,4a). While base hydrolysis of acyclic ketomethylene Heterocyclic Schiff Bases Quaternary Iodide Salts compounds (3a, b) afforded the corresponding heterocyclic Schiff Bases quaternary salts and pyrazoline-5-one 4-carboxylic or benzoic acids. Base Ring Closure (Hydrolysis) of Cyclic (Acyclic) Heterocyclic Schiff Bases Quaternary Iodide have been investigated kinetically in aqueous solution containing 20 wt% Ethanol and in presence of sodium hydroxide. The ring closure reaction of such heterocyclic Schiff bases quaternary salts was found to follow second order kinetic, strictly first-order with respect to each of Cyclic Heterocyclic Schiff Bases Quaternary Iodide and sodium hydroxide. Thus, the formation of peseudobase by nucleophilic addition of OH- is the rate-limiting step under basic condition. The effect of polar Substituents and nature of organic solvents on the ring closer rate was investigated. Furthermore, the various thermodynamic parameters have been calculated and discussed.




6-Synthesis and characterisation of monomethine cyamine dyes based on bridge head heterocycles, R.M Abd El-Aal, AIM. Koraiem, N.M.S El-Deen, colour. technol.121(2005).


In this paper the synthesis and spectral properties of novel asymmetrical and symmetrical monomethine cyanine dyes are described. Reaction of phenyl pyrazolones and oxazolone with acetyl thiourea and /or thiosemicarbazide afforded acetyl intermediate compounds which were then reacted with metal divalent chlorides, followed by reaction with N-methyl heterocyclic quaternary salts to give asymmetrical mono methine cyanine dyes. Reaction of the 5-amino derivatives of the intermediate compounds with acetaldehyde followed by reaction with N-methyl heterocyclic quaternary salts produced the symmetrical mono methine cyanine dyes. These new compounds were characterized with elemental analyses, visible absorption and infrared spectrometry and H1NMR & 13CNMR and mass spectroscopy. The correlation between the colour and structure of these dyes was also investigated.

7-The Use of oxorium salts in the synthesis of mono-, B-substituted dimethiny, styryl cyanine dyes, R.M Abd El-Aal, AIM. Koraiem, Z.H Khalil, AMM El-Kody, Dyes, Pigments 66, 201(2005).


Pyrazolopyrylium perchlorate salt derivatives were obtained from the reaction of 5-chloro-4-formyl-1-phenyl pyrazole with phenylpyrazolone, [4(2-propenyl)-1,6-ene-2-cyclohexanone] and cyclohexanone give pyrazolopyrylium perchlorate salt derivatives. Reaction of the latter compounds with 2(4)-methyl substituted heterocyclic quaternary salts gave the pyrazolopyrylium 4[2(4)]- monomethine cyanine dyes. Meanwhile, reaction with amide compounds gives an intermediate compounds which when reacted with 2(4)-methyl substituted heterocyclic quaternary salts gave the pyrazolopyrylium 4[2(4)]-b-substituted dimethine. Reaction of the

intermediate compounds with various aromatic aldehydes followed by the reaction with 2-methyl quinolinium ethiodide salt give bis styryl cyanine dyes. Elemental analyses, visible absorption, IR, 1H NMR spectroscopy and mass spectra established the structures of these compounds. The relationship between the structure and properties of these dyes is discussed.

 Keywords: β-Substituted dimethine; Styryl cyanine; Pyrylium salts; Carvon; Electronic absorption spectra





8-The Use of N-bridge head heterocycles in dalizineim ylide in the synthesis of aza cyanine dyes, AIM. Koraiem, R.M Abd El-Aal, Dyes, Pigments 68, 235(2006).


The reaction of 3-methyl-8-oxime-1-phenylpyrazolo [4,5-d]indolizinium (bezoindolizinium) ylide iodide with 2(4)-methyl substituted heterocyclic quaternary salts give 8[2(4)]-aza-monomethine cyanine dyes. Meanwhile, the reaction with carbonyl compounds followed by reaction with 2-methyl quinolinium methiodide salts afforded 5(2)-aza-trimethine cyanine dyes. On the other hand, the reaction of 5-formyl-2-methyl-4-phenylpyrazolo[4,5-d]indolizinium (benzoindolizinium) ylide iodide with hydroxylamine hydrochloride followed by reaction with N-methyl heterocyclic quaternary salts afforded the corresponding 5[4(1)]-aza-dimethine cyanine dyes. These new compounds are characterized with elemental analyses, visible absorption, IR, 13C NMR, 1H NMR and mass spectroscopy. The correlations between the structure and spectral properties of these dyes have been studied.

Keywords: Indolizinium ylide; Aza-cyanine; Aza-monomethine; Aza-trimethine; Aza-dimethine

     9-Synthesis and Colour Spectroscopic Investigation of some Hemicyanine Dyes,  Hassan Abazied Shindy and Ahmed Ibrahim Mahmoud Koraiem, Colour. Technol.124, 290-294(2008).



     New Hemi cyanine dyes with a Benzo[2,3-b,2-,3--b-] bis furo [3,2-d] Pyrazolium nucleus were prepared. Spectroscopic investigations were carried out in 95% Ethanol for all the synthesized cyanine dyes and/or in pure solvents which have different polarities for some selected dyes. Structural identification was carried out via elemental analysis, infrared and proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectral data.