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1-Demonistrator of Chem. Dep. Faculty of science, Assiut University (30/10/1972).

2-Assistant Lecturer of Chem. Dep. Faculty of science, Assiut University (19/12/1976) and transfer into Aswan-Faculty of Science, (17/1/1977).

3- Lecturer of organic chem. Aswan-faculty of Science (15/7/1979).

4-Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry (16/9/1984).

5-Professor of synthetic, applied & physical organic chemistry (19/9/1989).

6- Chemistry Department & faculty councils member (1984-present).

7-Vice- Dean of postgraduate & research studies & high studies councils member of Assiut & South Valley Universities (1990-1996 ) & (1997-2003)

8-Acting as chairman of Mathematic department for one year (23/4/2000-22/4/2001).

9-Acting as Vice Dean of society service and environmental affairs (25/11/2000).

10-Chairman of Chem. Dep. Aswan for three months (1996-1997) & for a period (2003-2006).

11-Assistant Editor & Secretary of Asw. Sci .Technol. Bull. (1990-2003).

12-Society service & environmental affairs Council member, South Valley University (2000).

Evaluator for scientific production and thesis:

11- Referee ? s committee of scientific for three professors & four assistant professors productions member .

12-Refree's committee of 17 M.Sc. & 10 Ph.D Thesis.

See in c.v. Arabic version

13- Egyptian Society of Heterocyclic Compounds Chemistry member (1996).

Attending conferences:

-Ibn Sina conference on pure & applied hetercyclic chemistry in Alexandria faculty of science (1989).

-Ibn Sina conference on pure & applied heterocyclic chemistry in Aswan - faculty of science (1991).

-Workshop on" preparation for Ibn Sina conference on pure & applied heterocyclic chemistry" in Chem.Dep. Ain-shams university(18-19/12/1994).

-Workshop on "development of chemistry syllabus" in Chem.Dep.Mansora University (17/1/1995).

-The 1 st . scientific conference for chem.. dep. Aswan faculty of science, south valley university and delivering a general lecturer entitled" Recent Trends on the Chemistry of Photosensitizer's cyanine dyes " (25/3/2004).

Other Professional Positions :

1-Elected as presedent of staff member club ( 1989-1992).

2-Elected as chairman of syndicate of scientific profession, Aswan & general syndicate member, Cairo Egypt (1991-1993).

3-Sabbatical leave in chemistry department of the University of Florida USA (26/4/1993) & .(Sept.1998-March,1999), & coordinated a scientific mutual protocol between South Valley & Florida universities (Jan.4.1999).

Undergraduate & graduate Courses:

Spectroscopy ( IR,UV-Vis.HNMR ? & Mass Spectra),Physical Organic Chemistry, Reactions Mechanism , Heterocyclic compounds & related dyes, Chemotherapy ,petroleum & petrochemical chemistry. Synthetic chemistry, Industrial organic chemistry.

Research interests :

Facile synthesis of heterocyclic & heterocyclic quinone compounds and related quaternary salts & metal complexes as main entities for photo sensitizer flouroscence cyanine dyes synthesis, Their spectrophotometric , solvatochromic , pH-sensitive behaviours & structure-microbial activity relationship, heterocyclic cyanine dyes as acid-base indicators (bio-indicator) in potentiometric (bio-analytical) applications. Cyanine dye metal complexes synthesis. Electrochemical behaviour of some selected dyes , Kinetic formation (hydrolysis) & their interactions. Progress & development in synthetic methodology of cyanine dyes..

Scientific school interests:

It contains 4 professors, 5 assistant professors & 12 lecturers.

(A)Koraiem Home Thesis:

Studies on cyanine dyes, A.I.M.Koraiem , M.Sc ( Ph.D.) Thesis, faculty of science, Assiut 1976 (1979)